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Picture of the Wizard in its wizard tower. The room its in was built by me.


They use a variation of the Saradomin Staff that shoots arrows. They are found in Wizard Towers (you can tell if a tower is a wizard tower because a wizard tower will have a Gold Block on the top of it). They have 40 health, and can hit 10 damage on you when you don't bring armour. However, if you have a weapon with around 7 damage or over, you can easily kill them.


Item Drop Rate
Varrock Teletab 1/8
Falador Teletab 1/8
Barrows Teletab 1/8
Tormented Demon Teletab 1/8
Catherby Teletab 1/8
Bandos Teletab 1/8
Hub Teletab 1/8
Lumbridge Teletab 1/8
Zamorak Staff 1/1000
Guthix Staff 1/1000
Saradomin Hilt 1/5000
Xp Orb (1) 100%


Hitpoints 40
Hostile No
Type Monster