Here are all the shops with items and prices from around the server in ScapeCraft.

Tutorial Island Edit

Tutorial shop coord
Tutorial Island Bakery Shop
Tutorial shop
Tut mine coord
Tutorial Island Mine Shop
Tut mine 1
Tut mine 2
Combat tut shop coord
Tutorial Island Combat Shop
Combat tut shop

Lumbridge Edit

General store coord
Lumbridge General Store
General store 1
General store 2
Bobs axes coord
Bob's Axes
Bobs axes 1

Alkharid Edit

Legs coords
Louie's Legs

Varrock Edit

Varrock general coord
Varrock General Store
Varrock general 1
Varrock general 2
Ranger shop coord
Varrock Ranger Shop
Ranger shop
Wood shop coord
Varrock Lumber Mill
Wood shop

Port Sarim Edit

Fish shop coord
Port Sarim Fish Shop
Fish shop
Sarim food coord
Port Sarim Food Shop
Sarim food

Falador Edit

Falador general coord
Falador General Store
Falador general
Boots shop coord
Falador Boot Shop
Boots shop

Barbarian Village Edit

Helm coord
Barbarian Helm Shop
Helm 1
Helm 2

Dwarven Mine Edit

Dwarf shop coord
Dwarven Mine Shop
Dwarf shop