Server guide Edit

A guide to download the Scapecraft mod and get into the server.

Discord Chat Edit

Discord is like an advanced version of skype and teamspeak. Here you can text chat or even voice chat (only if you want to) to anyone about server stuff or even just runescape stuff. Joining Discord really shows that you want to support this mod/server and become part of its community.

Scapecraft Reddit Edit

A place for redditors to offer intresting posts relating to scapecraft. This I believe was the main hub before we had Discord. Reddit will continue to be a place we we share updates and unique posts for hopefully more to see.

Dynamic Map Edit

Recently, Mraof release the Dynamic Map which allows us to look at the entire Scapecraft map, view all online players and their locations, and even chat with them through the map website page.

Damage Indicator Mod Edit

This mod allows you to see the health bars of npcs and other players and also showing a mini image of the moving creature on the top left of your screen. It is extremely useful for seeing monsters with high hp and used to be required to play on the server.

Minimap Mod Edit

A mod adding a minimap to your minecraft game. It is extremely useful and makes the game feel more like runescape. I had to configure mine to go to the top right instead of the top left of my screen so I can see the Damage Indicators Mod so keep this in mind.

Texture Pack + Shaders Edit

This one is a bit difficult. I, RinkuTalks, have a really strong custom built computer so I run what I believe is the best Shader/Texture Pack combo atm for 1.7.10 however you may use whatever you find the best.

For my exact setup, you need SEUS Shaders for 1.7.10 and the Chroma Hills Texture pack (only 1 of the many versions works with SEUS and should say so next to the download or the link you download it from). Finally if you can get all that up and working, you need to follow this guide to set the exact settings I have (all of these changes in the video are HUGE IMPROVEMENTS including my clouds, water, and rain reflections). I hope this helped.