'Hello everyone below i will be giving a rough estimate of what i think are the prices of lots of items on Scapecraft this will only be Runescape items/Enchanted books, things like that 'so with that being said please feel free to edit any of my prices if you think they are wrong like i said this is estimates of what i think they are! This is also Grand Exchange prices. Th

Sword's Edit

Drygore Longsword: 35k-60k

Drygore Rapier: 20k-40k

Drygore Mace: 15k-30k

Chaotic Maul: 30k-50k

Chaotic Rapier: 15k-30k

Armadyl Godsword: 25k-35k

Saradomin Godsword: 25k-35k

Zamarok Godsword: 25k-35k

Bandos Godsword: 25k-35k

Blazing Fremmick: 5k-10k

Keris: 5k-10k

Dragon 2h: 2k-4k

Dragon Battleaxe: 1k-1.5k

Dragon Longsword: 400-800

Dragon dagger: 250-450

Dragon dagger (p): 500-850

Dragon Scimitar: 1500-3000

Dharok's Greataxe: 2.5k-5k

Guthan's Spear: 5k-10k

Torag's Hammers: 2.5k-5k

Verac's Flail: 2.5k-5k

Akrisae's Mace: 2.5k-5k

Bow's Edit

Yew Bow: 150-250

Magic Bow: 300-800

Crystal Bow: 3k-5k

Dark Bow: 6k-10k

Karil's Crossbow: 5k-8k

Armour/Armor Edit

Lava Helmet: 8k-15k

Lava Chestplate: 10k-15k

Lava Legs: 10k-20k

Lava Boots: 5k-10k

Dragon Helm: 250-500

Dragon Chesplate: 6k-15k

Dragon Legs: 650-1k

Dragon Boots: 150-300

Berserker Helm: 2k-5k

Bandos Chestplate: 3k-8k

Bandos Tassets: Coming in 1.7

Bandos Boots: 2.5k-5k

Dharok's Helm: 2.5k-5k

Dharok's Chestplate: 5k-8k

Dharok's Legs: 3k-5k

Dharok's Boots: 1k-3k

Guthan's Helm: 3k-6k

Guthan's Chestplate: 6k-8k

Guthan's Legs: 4k-6k

Guthan's Boots: 2k-4k

Torag's Helm: 2.5k-5k

Torag's Chestplate: 5k-8k

Torag's Legs: 3k-5k

Torag's Boots: 1k-3k

Verac's Helm: 1k-3k

Verac's Chestplate: 2k-4k

Verac's Legs: 1k-3k

Verac's Boots: 1k-2.5k

Karil's Helm: 1.5k-3k

Karil's Chestplate: 3k-5k

Karil's Legs: 2.5k-4k

Karil's Boots: 1.5k-3k

Akrisae's Helm: 1k-3k

Akrisae's Chestplate: 2k-4k

Akrisae's Legs: 1k-3k

Akrisae's Boots: 1k-2.5k

Ahrim's Helm: 1k-2k

Ahrim's Chestplate: 2k-3k

Ahrim's Legs: 1k-2k

Ahrim's Boots: 1k-2k

Rune (g) Helm: 350-500

Rune (g) Chesplate: 750-1500

Rune (g) Legs: 500-1k

Rune (g) Boots: 200-500

Granite Helm:250-500

Granite Chestplate: 750-1k

Granite Legs: 450-800

Granite Boots: 250-400

Black D'hide Coif: 100-250

Black D'hide Chestplate: 250-500

Black D'hide Legs: 150-300

Black D'hide Boots: 100-150

Green D'hide Coif: 50-100

Green D'hide Chesplate:100-250

Green D'hide Legs: 75-150

Green D'hide Boots: 25-75

Rare's Edit

Blue Partyhat: 100k-150k

White Partyhat: 75k-120k

Red Partyhat: 75k-120k

Green Partyhat: 50k-75k

Yellow Partyhat: 30k-45k

Purple Partyhat: 30k-45k

Santa Hat: 20k-30k

Rubber Chicken: World May Never Know (2 in game)

Christmas Cracker: 5-20k

Staves Edit

Saradomin Staff: Worthless (50 to staff shop)

Zamorak Staff: Worthless (50 to staff shop)

Guthix Staff: Worthless (50 to staff shop)

Armadyl Staff: Worthless but valuable.

Ahrim's Staff: Worthless (50 to staff shop)