Koschei is the only boss who has 3 stages. He's very difficult to kill and spawns his shadows when in his 2nd and 3rd form. Him and his shadows sets enemies on fire.


Item Drop Rate
Fremmick Sword 1/2
Mithril Chestplate 1/3
Dragon Med Helm 1/10
Cabbage Spawner 1/15
Dragon Platelegs 1/20
Rune Boots (g) 1/30
Mithril Ore Spawner 1/30
Diamond Spawner 1/40
Blazing Fremmick Sword 1/50
Adamant Ore Spawner 1/60
Crystal Bow 1/100
Coal Spawner 1/100
Rune Ore Spawner 1/200
Armadyl Staff 1/1500
Rune Ore 100%
Boss Xp Orb (4) 100%


Form 1 Hitpoints 250
Form 2 Hitpoints 500
Form 3 Hitpoints 1337
Hostile Yes
Type Monster


Best tactics is to safespot him. Its almost impossible to kill him on the same level. Bring best armour and good weapon.

How to find himEdit

Fastest way from the hub is to teleport to varrock and run to the champions guild. In champions guild go to the 2nd floor and right click the block that looks like ender portal frame. REMEMBER TO BRING GOLDEN INGOT. Whenyou teleport drop golden ingot on block that looks similar to nether block.