The King is a npc that spawns in Varrock castle, which randomly generates on a normal world as well as being located in the normal place in Varrock. It is worth also noting that on the public Scapecraft server the king also spawns on top of one of the towers of White Knight castle. 


When the King is damaged, he will spawn two King's Guards, to help him fight.

The king is not advised to those with low-hitting weapons and low-tier armour. If you have fire aspect, do not use it as it will spawn two more King's Guards each time the fire hits the King.

Although he doesn't hit hard, and nor do his guards, the sheer frequency at which you will be hit will be enough to do a lot of damage even through the best armours.

(ScapeCraft server only:) He is easier if you can lure him down the ladder and to some obstacles you can stand on, so you can hit down at him without being hit back by anything.

The above safe-spot exploit has since been fixed, the only way to fight the king is to actually tank the damage.


King and King's Guard


Item Rarity Droprate
Gold Ingot 100% Drop 1/1
White Helmet Common 1/4
White Chestplate Common 1/5
Rune Platelegs Common 1/10
Rune Sword Uncommon 1/14
Dragon Dagger Uncommon 1/40
Saradomin Sword Rare 1/150