The Kalphite queen in her idle state.

The Kalphite Queen is a ferocious and massive Bug that can be found in the desert.

In the official Scapecraft server, she can be found in her hive just east of the palace in Al Kharid. Items are lost on death in this area.

It is highly recommended to bring BoA V (Bane of Arthropods) on a strong weapon or on a Keris.


Item Drop Rate
Mithril Platelegs 1/2
Dragon Longsword 1/10
Crystal Bow 1/50
Dragon Chainbody 1/60
Dragon 2-H Sword 1/50
Adamant Ore 100%
Boss Xp Orb (1) 100%


Hitpoints 300
Hostile Yes
Type Arthropod