Kalphite King
2014-03-16 22.46.23
Kalphite King
Hitpoints 10000
Type Arthropod
Hostile Yes
Location Unknown to me, somebody please add.

The Kalphite King is currently the most difficult boss in the mod. It has 10,000 hitpoints. He is about 9 blocks long, 6 blocks wide, and 9 blocks tall. Whenever he is hit, he spawns one Kalphite Marauder. The king's hitbox is centered in his head, and so are the marauder's. The king drops drygore weapons, the best PvE weapons currently available. Kalphite King spawns every 20 minutes from it's spawner block.


Item Drop Rate
Rune Helm 1/4
Rune Chestplate 1/4
Rune Platelegs 1/4
Rune Boots 1/4
Dragon Boots 1/15
Dragon Battle Axe 1/15
Sand Spawn Block 1/20
Dragon Dagger(s) 1/30
Drygore Mace 1/50
Drygore Rapier 1/100
Drygore Longsword 1/150
Gold Ingot 100%
Adamant Ore 100%
Boss Xp Orb (5) 100%