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Hill Giant

Hill Giants are monsters found in the edgeville dungeon and can spawn in the dark. They are also found in the dungeon north west of Varrock.


Item Drop Rate
Mithril Ore 1/20
Obsidian 1/20
Black Helmet 1/30
Black Chestplate 1/30
White Boots 1/30
Granite Lump 1/60
Rune Boots 1/70
Adamant Chestplate 1/100
Dragon Longsword 1/700
Dragon Platelegs 1/2000
Gold Nugget 100%
Xp Orb (1) 100%


Hitpoints 55
Hostile No
Type Monster


Use Hill Giants to earn combat exp and gold quickly.

Use the pillar formations and ladder as an advantage when fighting these monsters.