High Mage
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Hitpoints 400
Type Monster
Hostile Yes
Location The High Mage can be found at the black knight's fortress; located outside the wilderness near Edgeville

The High Mage has 400 HP and summons black knights when he is attacked. He uses an armadyl staff and deals a fair amount of damage to a well armored player.

The High Mage spawns Elite Black Knights from time to time and a Black Knight every time he is hit.


Item Drop Rate
Saradomin Staff 1/2
Golden Apple 1/4
Dragon Longsword 1/5
Dragon Pickaxe (g) 1/20
Mithril Ore Spawner 1/100
Adamant Ore Spawner 1/200
Coal Spawner 1/500
Rune Ore Spawner 1/1000
Armadyl Staff 1/1500
Gold Ingot 100%
Boss Xp Orb (1) 100%


It's recommended that you wear atleast a full set of dragon or rune armor enchanted with protection 4.