Green DragonEdit

Green dragons are large dragons found on platforms of stone blocks. On the Scapecraft server, they can be found guarding runite ore, and neighbouring Iron Dragons. They have 150 health, and they use a ranged attack with a reach of approx. 4 meters, dealing up to 10 damage (5 hearts) if no armor is worn.


Item Rarity Droprate
Green Dragonhide 100% Drop 1/1
Xp Orb (2) 100% Drop 1/1
Gold Ingot Common 1/3
Adamant Ore Common 1/5
Mithril Boots Uncommon 1/15
Godsword Shard 1 Very Rare 1/1000
Rune Chestplate Very Rare 1/1000
Dragon Scimitar Very Rare 1/1000
Armadyl Hilt Very Rare 1/2000
Dragon Chain Impossibly Rare 1/500000


Hitpoints 130
Hostile Yes
Type Monster