A picture of the Bandos boss, minions and Godsword

General Graardor is the general of Bandos' army during the God Wars.


Item Drop Rate
Mithril Chestplate 1/3
Adamant Ore 1/4
Adamant Chestplate 1/4
Gold Ingot 1/4
Rune Helm (G) 1/20
Rune Platelegs (G) 1/30
Bandos Chestplate 1/75
Bandos Tassets 1/75
Bandos Hilt 1/100
Dragon Med Helm 1/100
Dragon Boots 1/100
Mithril Ore Spawner 1/100
Adamant Ore Spawner 1/200
Coal Spawner 1/500
Rune Ore Spawner 1/1000
Crystal Bow 1/2000
Magic Fruit 100%
Boss Xp Orb (1) 100%

The Bandos gear dropped by this Mob


Hitpoints 400
Hostile Yes
Type Monster