Dragon Longsword
A Player wielding a Dragon Longsword
Damage +9
Special? Yes
Dropped by Various

The Dragon Longsword is a low to mid-level sword that is easily obtainable and perfect for a low geared player. The Dragon Longsword is one of the lowest level weapons to feature a special attack which makes it a commonly used weapon on ScapeCraft.

The Special attack uses 25% of the special bar and upon hitting the opponent deals a critical hit. Because this special attack only uses 1/4 of your special bar, it is able to deal a lot of damage to a boss or higher levelled monster.

Dragon longsword requires combat level 20 to be used.

Dropping MonstersEdit

High Mage 1/5
Kalphite Queen 1/10
Hill Giant 1/700
Ice Giant 1/700
Magic Bot 1/20000
Yew Bot 1/33000