New Dharok


Dharok is one of the 7 barrow brothers. He is by far the strongest and will one shot you if you do not have decent gear. Do also beware if you do not have a full set of the same armor (so it gives the stat bouns) you will be one hit.

Server TacticsEdit

You can easily kill him, or any brother for that matter. You will need two people. First one person must go down and agro him. Once he is agro'd on your friend you can go down and hit him without him fighting back.


Item Drop Rate
Combat Xp Orb (1) 100%
Dharok's Key Part 100%
Dharok's Helmet 1/300
Dharok's Platebody 1/300
Dharok's Platelegs 1/300
Dharok's Boots 1/300
Dharok's Axe 1/400
Dragon Platelegs 1/400


Hitpoints 90
Hostile Yes
Type Undead

Set InfoEdit

Item Durability Stats
Dharok's Helmet 110,000 1.5 Armor
Dharok's Chestplate 160,000 4.5 Armor
Dharok's Platelegs 150,000 3 Armor
Dharok's Boots 130,000 1.5 Armor
Dharok's Axe 10,000 +13 Attack

Full Set BonusEdit

10 Armor

+30 Health (50 Health total)