UPDATED 2016 Edit

Agility not currently in use, New Woodcutting Page! Edit

Agility was a skill in the old versions of scapecraft. It is currently not in the server and is being revised for re-implementation. However, the skill Woodcutting has been added and is referred to as the third current skill. 

 The tables below are the old agility tables and can be preserved here for reference until new release. 

Bonuses given from agilityEdit

Agility Level Bonus given
(276 exp) Jump Boost 1 (jump 1.5 blocks)
(452 exp) Speed 1
(950 exp) Jump Boost 2 (jump 2 blocks)
(3000 exp) Speed 2

Training LocationsEdit

Location Experience Gained Difficulty(1-10)
Tutorial Island 1 1
Lumbridge Castle 1 1
Duel Arena 5 6 (risk of death)
Catherby(Easy) 5 3
Catherby(Hard) 15 8

Edgeville Dungeon

20 3 (risk of death)